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The new text for the 2016-2017 Season is Romans and James. You can obtain the new reference materials at the Bible Quiz Shop.


Podcast! Season 8, Episode 1

Matt wrapped up MASS and CAST and talked about how great they were. He compared them and talked about his thoughts on Spectacular quizzing in general. Please email us at with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is almost 40 minutes.

Podcast! Season 7, Episode 25

Matt wrapped up AACS and talked about how great it was. He also talked about the end of the year and the final Poll of the year. He gave his edits to the Poll, and thinks this is a wonderful senior class. Please email us at with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole […]

April 2016 Rankings

Final Poll of 2016. Anyone Disagree?   Rank Team Name (1st Place votes) Points Position last time 1 Athens (8) 80 1 2 Temple TN 69 2 3 Hope IN 67 4 4 Kettle Moraine WI 54 7 5 Falls WI 36 6 6 Bethel Calvary 31 3 7 Pleasant View KY 27 8 8 Heritage […]

AACS 2016

Preview Podcast! Tuesday Recap Podcast! Printable Version of Tuesday’s Quizzers Click Here for Thursday quizzes! Current Quiz Results The below scores will be updated as they become available. Press the F5 key (Refresh) to ensure that you are viewing the latest results. Below you can see a complete list of all of the teams as […]

Podcast! Season 7, Episode 22

Ever placed a recorder on four friends talking in a room? Well, Matt did and they all hope that you enjoy listening to them talk. Chase and Dalton wrap up phenomenal careers, and Calvin thinks about quizzing without them. They talked a little about AACS forthcoming, and they talked about the impact Bible Quiz has […]


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@brianna25519784 We knew that but didn't realize in time that the auto-correct had "fixed" it. Please forward him our profoundest apologies.

Tennessee: TN takes an honorable 2nd place.

Tenneessee: Cullen unfortunately errored out and IN sits to retain the win.

IN: Reed picks up Cullen's errorred quote on question 16

TN: We should lose. Only a foolish error or foul by Indiana can save us

IN: Error by Ariana, but the freebie is answered incorrectly by Christiana. The pressure seems to be getting to them.

IN: Tossup is gotten by hope. Is this the end of Tennessee? Let the error zone begin!

IN: Reed shows dominance by getting 15 off the bat.

IN: two errors on free question quotes. Otherwise quiz would be over.

for speaking before being called on.

IN: Another freebie for hope. Smart quizzing guys, keep it up. But no, kaden does not pluralize a word and they are called wrong. A foul...

IN: Reed challenges Cullen's answer. Appeal denied.

IN: Too early for Reed? Unfortunately so. Error for question 12.

IN: Another tossup for hope. They're playing smart and letting temple error. Christiana answers 11 tossup correctly.

IN: Tied still. What a dog fight!

IN: Hope gets another freebie. Christiana quotes but leaves out a section. No penalty but 20 easy points now gone.

Tennessee: Cullen gets a couple and TN has soon tied the score.