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The text for the 2017 – 2018 Season is Mark, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Jude.


Final 2016-17 Rankings

Final Poll of 2017. Anyone Disagree? Rank Team Name (1st Place votes) Points Position last time 1 Kettle Moraine WI (7) 79 1 2 FBCLB (1) 73 2 3 Temple TN 61 4 4 Athens GA 53 3 5 Pleasant View KY 48 7 6 Woodside CO 33 8 7 Heritage Mission NY 30 5 8 […]

Podcast! Season 8, Episode 30

Matt, Cullen, and Grant review AACS and the year in general. They spoke about the surprises, the way the year played out, the favorite moments, and the greatness of what Bible Quiz can be. They talked about having two teams at the heights of their greatness going back and forth. Please email us at […]

Podcast! Season 8, Episode 29

Matt and Calvin talked about AACS. They spoke about the differences, the impressive feats, the surprising results both ways, but mostly about the teams that made it to Thursday. They talked about having two teams at the heights of their greatness going back and forth and made predictions. Please email us at with your […]

AACS 2017

Current Quiz Results Live Thursday scores here. Here is a Thursday preview Here are the initial pairings . Below you can see a complete list of all of the teams as well as their numbers of highs/mids/lows. Press the F5 key (Refresh) to ensure that you are viewing the latest results. Email if you have […]

Podcast! Season 8, Episode 28

Matt started talking about SCQANIT and ended up talking about his 2-team coaching philosophy. He ended up praising the fact that SCQANIT actually rewarded the best teams and he gave props to the teams that were good. Please email us at with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is over 35 minutes.


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CA: the underdogs. The wonders. The west coast. Noone expected this much, but sadly they have officially taken second to kettle. 220 130

Wi just won the quiz on question 18

CA: knots in the stomach. Wi 120. Ca 60.

Final wi 170. Ca 200. Cali is still breathing!!!!

CA: quizout for Stephen!!!!!

CA: comeback in the making. Ca 160. Wi 80.

Kettle going to have to get going

CA: A messy quiz so far. 3 errors in the 1st 2 questions. Ca 20. Wi 40

Error on kettle going to have play smart to beat Ca

Wi free 140 Ca140 tight quiz question 18

Cali is digging their own grave with three straight errors. Score: 140 140

Wi will have to get all of the questions to win