Hall of Fame (Page 2)

Paul West

Despite being the first (and so far, only) inductee who never quizzed, he is certainly worthy of the honor. When I wrote my article on best coaches, I listed him as #2 of all time. When one thinks of my home state, they undoubtedly must first think of Paul West. He began the whole thing. […]

David Douglas

Who is David Douglas? Your answer to that question will tell you which is your quizzing generation. Those from the late 70’s to early 80’s know him as a skinny quizzer who dominated at AACS. Those who quizzed in the mid to late 80’s know him as the moustached coach of a Southside powerhouse. Those […]

Valerie Wood

What can I say about Valerie Wood that has not already been said? This was a task that I approached with trepidation, but that has been turned into liberation. I feel that all that currently lives about Valerie Wood is her legend and noone knows the real quizzer. In fact some have even referred to […]