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One Ballot Explained

I didn’t have quite the same top 10 as the website, but here’s a quick rundown of my ballot and why I made it the way I did. Feel free to post your own top 10 in the comments section of this article.

1. Calvary FL
If ever there was a year to avoid my #1 team at AACS is the #1 team overall, this is the year. But Calvary didn’t have their best team together until AACS. And while Faith was very impressive in their win at SCQANIT, I’m skeptical that they would have been able to win AACS. Their best quizzer, Kelton Balka, was an 8th grader, who by rule is ineligible for AACS. So, had the same ministry been at AACS without Kelton, they do not win. I’m not sure that should count against them, but with so little separating these two teams at the top of the ballot, I, by the slightest of margins give Calvary the first place vote.

2. Faith SC
I came close to giving them the #1 vote, and maybe I should have. But since many teams will send split squads to SCQANIT and others keep middle schoolers off these teams altogether, I put them at #2 for winning the tournament with the best field, but not quite the most prestige.

First Ever Podcast

We’re going to try doing some podcasts coming up soon.  It’s like the radio if you’ve never heard of this before.   If you’d like to send in questions for the first installment, email them to We still have a few quirks to work out, but I’ll post here again when we know exactly what […]

The Rankings

1. Faith SC (4.5) 76.5 2. Calvary FL(3.5) 74.5 3. Old Paths PA 60 4. Heritage Mission NY 59 5. Pleasant View KY 44.5 6. Hillsdale FL 36.5 7. Mukwonogo WI 34 8. Woodside CO 24 9. Calvary SC 11 10. Park Avenue NE 7 Others receiving votes: Athens GA 6, Falls Baptist WI 4, […]