Podcast Season #3, Episode 10

It has been a couple days since it was recorded.  There were some crazy circumstances.  The timing on the recording was off, so it seems like West and his Guest like to talk at the same time.  The website was down.  We were all aflutter.  Then, Guest Host E came and gave us a wonderful […]

Podcast Season #3, Episode 9

David Tyrrell returned briefly to announce the long-term plan for the podcast. Those complaining that you don’t have enough time to listen to a podcast, have no excuse. In ten minutes, David Tyrrell gives you a mini-podcast that has his return in addition to great information! Please email us at podcast@BibleQuizzer.net to let us know […]

Podcast Season #3, Episode 8

Guest Host D came on to review the PQA event, drop PQA knowledge on us, and give us feedback on the top ten picks!   As an additional mention of the quiz year of top teams, let the criticisms fly in.  The BibleQuizzer.net poll is available and you can make more distinct criticisms of that.  Please email us at podcast@BibleQuizzer.net to […]