2015 End of Year Rankings

Final Poll of 2015. Anyone Disagree?

In an age when we progressively say AACS has less importance than other majors, I don’t believe the voters have ever given a clearer indication that AACS is of utmost importance. Anyone up for a Memorial Day Weekend Quiz over I Peter?

Rank Team Name (1st Place votes) Points Position last time
1 Temple TN (7) 79 2
2 Athens (1) 70 6
3 Hillsdale 64 1
4 Hope IN 53 n/a
5 Bethel-Calvary 45 4
6 Heritage Mission NY 43 5
7 Pleasant View KY 29 7
8 Falls WI 27 3
9 Calvary SC 18 10
10 Kettle Moraine 10 8
Also receiving votes: FBC-LB (1), Woodside (1)



  1. Only two positions are really close (5-6) and (7-8). This could mean two things. Either the teams were clearly as they were ranked and not much was debatable or having so many voters allowed us to have more biases washed out. What do you think?

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