Posts from April 2018

Podcast! Season 9, Episode 24

Matt and Cullen recap Cullen’s ballot. Matt objects to a few of Cullen’s placements, but Cullen stands firm and actually makes better points, some might say. Please email us at with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is over 20 minutes.

Final 2018 Rankings

Final Ranking of the Year. Anyone Disagree? Rank Team Name (1st Place votes) Points Position last time 1 New Testament (9) 90 5 2 Heritage NY 73 1 3 Faith SC 63 2 4 Falls WI 59 3 5 Easley 52 9 6 Bethel Calvary 49 3 7 Pleasant View KY 42 7 8  Old […]

Podcast! Season 9, Episode 23

Matt and Cullen recap voting this week. The talk final rankings, AACS against other tournaments (particularly CI), and a some theorizing about how teams are affected by various decisions. Yes, we know that it ends abruptly. There is a reason for that, which will become obvious soon! Please email us at with your thoughts. […]