Podcast! Season 11, Episode 12

Matt, Cullen, and Dalton look at where the rankings were right and where they were wrong. Matt tries to recruit the other two to become voters. Please email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is over 15 minutes.

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  1. Would it be possible to implement a more concrete ranking system like they have in pro tennis or chess that ranks each team based on the teams they have beaten and lost to? I feel like the current ranking system seems somewhat subjective, whereas a more systematic ranking process might eliminate some of these disputes. Also, as a point of personal insight, Mukwonago was recently up 180 to 70 over Falls in the finals of the FBI tournament, but Falls pulled off a miraculous comeback to win the quiz. So in my opinion Mukwonago does deserve to be up there with the top teams, but again their exact ranking has yet to be determined.

  2. Low Win has a good suggestion; the rankings are too subjective. Because Easley won Both AACS and Nationals, they were ranked Number 1 last year. However Athens lacked 3 of the top 5 teams last year, and AACS was lacking two top five teams. Scqanit should have been the top tournament (although Colorado is the toughest) of the year because it had all the top five teams present. Heritage won Scqanit, and therefore should be number 1. Even though a team won the most majors does not always mean they are the best team. Every voter should carefully take into account all the minor details of the season before they vote.

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