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Bobby Smith Tossup #4

How do you think it impacts a quiz when a team that has already clinched the high win keeps jumping? Does it lessen the possible discrepancy of talent between the two remaining teams, and thus not give a true read on who is the number two team in that given round? —Grace in New York […]

Bobby Smith Tossup #3

Why are the results at Blue Ridge always so different than every other tournament of the year? Do teams not focus on it because it is not a “major”? Or, is the reason it is not a major the same thing that skews the results? -Confused in North Carolina Confused, Although this year’s outcome may […]

Bobby Smith Tossup #2

Hey Bobby what would you do the morning of a tournament to get you ready for quizzing that day? Quote? or just relax or what? -Nobody in Wisconsin Nobody, On the morning of a tournament, for the most part it’s too late to study, so I would just try my best to relax and treat […]