Finals Week

VTOC 2020

Tournament Results Championship Ridgeview 210 Florida 180 Quiz 10 Florida 130 Ridgeview 120 Falls 1 100 (3rd Place) Quiz 9 Ridgeview 270 Florida 140 Falls 1 60 Quiz 8 Ridgeview 240 Falls 1 110 Mukwonago 40 (4th Place) Quiz 7 Mukwonago 140 Florida 130 Ridgeview 110 Quiz 6 Falls 1 150 Mukwonago 140 Faith CA 60 […]

AACS Predictions

AACS Bible Quizzing is like no other. In my quest for a champion, I narrowed down the competition to ten top teams. I believe depth on the quiz pads will pay a great role in every team’s success over the course of this tournament. Here is a summary of what I expect from each team […]

AACS 2016

Preview Podcast! Tuesday Recap Podcast! Printable Version of Tuesday’s Quizzers Click Here for Thursday quizzes! Current Quiz Results The below scores will be updated as they become available. Press the F5 key (Refresh) to ensure that you are viewing the latest results. Below you can see a complete list of all of the teams as […]