Finals Week (Page 3)

A Contemplative Man’s Top Ten

After listening to the most recent podcast by Matt West and co-host, Nacho, I decided to revisit my thoughts on the rankings, give my own list and support it. So for whatever it is worth, here it is. I think that unless there is an overwhelmingly compelling reason to the contrary, the last tournament of […]

AACS 2014

Thursday updates are here. The initial pairings are posted. The Round one Results. The Round two Results. The Round three Results. The Results before the Chapel/Lunch break. The Sorted Results and Pairings. First Round After Lunch break. Second Round After Lunch break. Podcast with the cast of thousands! Third Round After Lunch break. The Results […]


SCQANIT Final Results (Refresh your browser often to get most up to date results) Breaking: Temple Defeats Athens to win SCQANIT! Initial Pairings posted. After Round 1. After Round 2. After Round 4. After Round 5. All quizzes before lunch.. Please help us find scores if you know someone at the quiz! The Pairings after […]