Tossup Question

Podcast! Season 5, Episode 16

Email us at with any comments, questions, insertions, or deletions. Matt talked about the end of year rankings, what they tell us, where he disagreed, and if there is a more excellent way. Click here to download the entire podcast. WARNING, it is over FORTY minutes. If you want to just hear a special […]

Bobby Smith Tossup #4

How do you think it impacts a quiz when a team that has already clinched the high win keeps jumping? Does it lessen the possible discrepancy of talent between the two remaining teams, and thus not give a true read on who is the number two team in that given round? —Grace in New York […]

Bobby Smith Tossup #3

Why are the results at Blue Ridge always so different than every other tournament of the year? Do teams not focus on it because it is not a “major”? Or, is the reason it is not a major the same thing that skews the results? -Confused in North Carolina Confused, Although this year’s outcome may […]