All-Time Major Tournament Winners

Here is a list of Winners for the “Major” tournaments of the last several years. You will find that some of the information is incomplete. If you are able to provide us with the rankings for those tournaments/years or find any errors please email them to


Athens New Year's ClassicCISCQANITAACS
2024Tournament CancelledFalls (WI)Falls (WI)FBCLB (CA)
2023Falls (WI)Falls (WI)Falls (WI)Mukwonago(WI)
2022Falls (WI)Tournament Cancelled-*Falls (WI)Old Paths (PA)
2021Tournament CancelledNew Testament (FL)Falls (WI)Old Paths (PA)
2020Heritage Mission(NY)Old Paths (PA)Tournament Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Pandemic-*
2019Faith EasleyMukwonago (WI)Heritage Mission(NY)Easley(SC)
2018Faith (SC)Heritage Mission (NY)New Testament (FL)New Testament (FL)
2017Kettle Moraine (WI)FBCLB (CA)Kettle Moraine (WI)Kettle Moraine (WI)
2016Athens (GA)Athens (GA)Athens (GA)Hope (IN)
2015Bethel-Calvary (SC)Hillsdale (FL)Athens (GA)Temple (TN)
2014Athens (GA)Temple (TN)Temple (TN)Woodside (CO)
2013Hillsdale (FL)Hillsdale (FL)Hillsdale (FL)Hillsdale (FL)
2012Hillsdale (FL)Calvary (FL)Heritage Mission (NY)Mukwonago (WI)
2011Woodside (CO)Woodside (CO)Falls (WI)Heritage Mission (NY)
2010Calvary (FL)Calvary (SC)Calvary (FL)Calvary (FL)
2009Heritage Mission (NY)Pleasant View (KY)Faith (SC)Calvary (FL)
2008Pleasant View (KY)Calvary (FL)Pleasant View (KY)Pleasant View (KY)
2007Woodside (CO)Pleasant View (KY)Pleasant View (KY)Pleasant View (KY)
2006Pleasant View (KY)Pleasant View (KY)Pleasant View (KY)Pleasant View (KY)
2005FBCCF (FL)Pleasant View (KY)Old Paths(PA)FBCCF (FL)
2004Faith (SC)Woodside (CO)Valley (CA)Woodside (CO)
2003The Master's Academy (FL)Capitol City (TX)Faith (SC)Athens (GA)
2002Faith (SC)Woodside (CO)Data Cannot Be FoundSchaumberg (IL)
2001Faith (SC)Capitol City (TX)Woodside (CO)
2000Data Cannot Be FoundWoodside (CO)Schaumberg (IL)
1999Woodside (CO)Faith (MI)
1998Capitol City (TX)Schaumberg (IL)
1997Woodside (CO)Schaumberg (IL)
1996Tournament Not Yet StartedSchaumberg (IL)
1995Tournament Not Yet StartedThe Master's Academy (FL)The Master's Academy (FL)
1994The Master's Academy (FL)The Master's Academy (FL)
1993The Master's Academy (FL)Athens (GA)
1992Tournament Not Yet StartedSchaumberg (IL)
1991Southside (SC)
1990The Master's Academy (FL)
1989The Master's Academy (FL)
1988Southside (SC)
1987South Sheridan (CO)
1986South Sheridan (CO)
1985Laurel Highlands (PA)
1984Faith Longmont (CO)
1983Faith Longmont (CO)
1982Berean (TN)
1981Berean (TN)
1980Berean (TN)

*-Some say the Virtual Tournament of Champions was a major these seasons.