August PQA

The PQA 2004-2005 season officially got under way Saturday evening at Heritage Bible Church. There are 30 teams from 9 different ministries who will be competing in PQA this year. The season got off to a really good start! I had the privilege of coaching as well as setting in on a few quizzes for Over the next few weeks I plan to submit a few overviews of quizzes I was able to sit in on.

Close-Up Quiz:

Calvary Kingsmen vs. Pleasant View Euroclydon
The quiz started out fairly close, but it was easy to see that both teams were still fairly young, especially Pleasant View. Pleasant View only had four quizzer’s and two of them were quizzing in there very first quiz! David Johnson of Calvary clearly knew his stuff! He quizzed out on question 10 without errors. Caitlan Hardin quizzed really well for Pleasant View, she had 4 correct and no errors. By the way she is only a 7th grader. T.J Hays for Pleasant View also quizzed really well he had three correct in his very first quiz ever! But when it counted the Euroclydon came up just a bit short. At question 15 the score was Calvary 170 and Pleasant View 150. Pleasant View was only able to get one more question (#17) and Calvary pulled away to a comfortable win, 250-160.

Overall Results:
One other note. I was unable to sit in on the quiz between Faith 3 and Athens 1, but the final was rather shocking! Faith dominated 270-80!! Also I heard that Jonathan Bishops team Faith 4 won as well.

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