A New Season

Last year was a great year for us at We learned a lot more about our viewers, the teams, the tournament directors, the coaches, and all of Bible Quiz in general. Simply put–We had a good year. But let’s face it; it could be a lot better. While the rankings, polls, and opinionated articles were a blast, there was a lot of inconsistency. We realized that with only a few people helping with the site, it was tough to contribute something ever day or two. But we have learned a lot and are ready to make this year much better. To do that, we needed more people to contribute to the site. Brant has amazing smarts when it comes to running a site, and I am crazy enough to take a week off work to follow Bible Quiz for the website; but we can’t be everywhere. For this reason, I am introducing to you three people who will immediately be correspondents for
Jeremiah Townsend is a coach from Pleasant View Baptist Church ( & Christian School) who will be following the Piedmont Quizzing Association (PQA) for the site this year. I know Jeremiah from my days of living in the Greenville area and I know that he will make an incredible correspondent.

Tiffany Suddeth is a name that I have been hearing out of Florida since I started Bible Quiz years ago. While I haven’t had the pleasure of spending as much time around her as I have Jeremiah, I already know that she puts her heart in whatever she does. She will follow the Florida Quizzing Association (FQA) for the site this year.

If any quizzer across the country was asked who they thought had the most fun when Bible Quizzing, It would not surprise me if most said “Jesse Startup”. He has sharp whit, and uncanny humor. I expect his column to be outstanding. Each week, you can “Startup Your Week”. His correspondence won’t be with a certain league, but will be aimed at individual quizzers, coaches, and especially viewers.

We are excited about the things to come around the site, and know that this year will certainly surpass last year’s. For any ideas about this issue or anyone wanting to be involved can contact me at

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