Hall of Fame

Craig Scott

Craig Scott may be the first person elected to the Hall of Fame, whom most people that quiz today would say they feel they know at least a little bit. This is because his generous personality and infectious enthusiasm have rarely been equaled in our world of Bible Quiz. A wise man once said, “The […]

Jack Knapp

Dr. Jack Knapp is probably the only person who can be in the Hall of Fame on quizmastering alone. Let me say parenthetically that almost everything we take for granted today (a logical question distribution, a logical tournament-type schedule, stop reading when the student stands up, throwing out questions that are misread, etc.) all began […]

Don Glaske

Don Glaske is the first (and so far, only) inductee who is given this honor posthumously. He may be the only person who could ever say that without him, Bible Quiz may not even exist, PERIOD. At a time where the political system was making strides against it, an unknown Christian-trained engineer made the step […]