Startup Your Week: Teams Disrespected

How come you never talk about Woodside? I mean last year they won nationals.
–Kelly, Minn

Fair enough question. To be perfectly honest, I had never seen Woodside until Athens this year. I’m not saying I have never quizzed against them in the past two years, but I suppose at that time I was concerned about the current tournament I was competing in. This NYC was the first national quiz I attended in which I did not participate, so I was able to see all of the teams competing from a somewhat neutral viewpoint.

Woodside did win Nationals last year, and I saw why by watching them compete on Saturday. They placed third, against Old Paths and FBC-CF, and even then they were able to hold their own. Jeremy quizzed as well as the best of them, and the other quizzers gave him enough support to take them almost to the top. And do know that this web-site tends to focus more on the 2002-2003 Nationals than 2003-2004 Nationals. Woodside is still a very prominent force, and do not be surprised if they are up there on Thursday of AACS.

Who in your opinion was the best team in the NYC? Not who won, but who you think was the best, regardless of what the outcome was.
–NYC Lover, Surfing City

I guess some would say that the best team did not win; maybe those who fell a little short or could have worked harder. But as a Floridian, and seeing FBC-CF’s quizzing program grow into a national contender, I would say that they were the best at the NYC. They have not lost a tournament yet this year, and this is a very hot year for them.

Don’t get me wrong; Old Paths did very well, and if you were there at the Finals (like I was), both teams had a loss at the last quiz. So why did FBC win and Old Paths lose? That’s for their respective ministries to discover. All I can do to access to “best” team is by looking at the facts, and that is that FBC beat everyone there.

Hey, there have been tournaments that I have quizzed or quizmastered at where the “best” team may have lost, but this is not the case here. The results of the NYC tell the country exactly where every team stands this year.

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