Hall of Fame

Matt West

If everyone were judged based on percentage of lifespan spent in Bible Quizzing, Matt West would surely be the world champion. From being a six year old winning highest quizzer and mandating a rule change to being the coach sitting behind the most recent AACS champs, it is tough to think of anyone who has […]

Mike DeVries

First, I must apologize that this article is a day late. I was unable to get it to our resident web posters on Sunday, because of working restrictions. Why they made it due on Sunday, I will never know. Anyway, as I contemplate Bible Quiz out here across the pond, I must say that I […]

Katie Paulding

I feel like my quizzing generation is coming to an end. Those who were freshmen my senior year are graduating this year, which makes this the last class that actually quizzed against me. So starting next year, every article I write will be about people against whom I never quizzed and all my knowledge comes […]