Hall of Fame (Page 2)

Israel Bandela

The FQA had just begun; the landscape of quizzing in Florida was changing. The Master’s Academy had recently seen the end of an era. The Wests had graduated in 1995 and 1996; David Douglas quit coaching The Master’s Academy. Central Florida Christian Academy seemed poised to overtake The Master’s Academy. Would it happen? Well, in […]

Karen Alexander

Earlier this month, we established the dominance of Colorado in the mid 80’s. While Craig Scott was given the dap, it is true that he never once answered a single question at AACS. To me, those early years were led by the two-headed monster of Sophie Thomas and Karen Alexander. Almost inseparable in my mind, […]

Randy Thaxton

I don’t think it is a coincidence that God compared himself to a father. As you in the United States celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, hopefully you realized how much an earthly father can point to our Heavenly one. Why do I bring this up? Because to me a good coach is like a good father. […]