Interview: David Tyrrell

Let me take a moment to say thank you to all the ones who gave of their time to talk to me on Saturday. I appreciate all your help. Also, thanks to Brant for all the help on the interviews. He even did one interview by himself. (guess which one he picked! The winning team!) Thanks to all those who donated their time to my interviews.

Hey, Thanks for your time.

What place did your team finish in?

Tyrrell: I believe that we finished in 5th or 6th place.

Wow, do you think that this finish legitimizes your team?

Tyrrell: No, not necessarily. I mean it certainly will help a lot.

Are you satisfied with your finish here in Athens?

Tyrrell: Yes, after we saw that we could really compete here, we would’ve liked to do better. But we’re certainly happy with our finish.

What was your team’s goal coming into this tournament?

Tyrrell: We wanted to get into the Top 5. We didn’t really hope to do much better than that.

What did you think about the competition today at the tournament?

Tyrrell: I was kind of surprised. The competition was a little less strong than I thought it would have been.

What was a bigger accomplishment for your team, defeating FBC-CF in that FQA event or finishing well at this national tournament?

Tyrrell: Wow, that is actually close. It was definitely a big accomplishment to beat FBC-CF. But I would have to say that our finish here was slightly a bigger accomplishment.

After finishing well in this tournament, what do you think your team goal will become nationally?

Tyrrell: I would say that it will still be Top 5.

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