Interview: Keith Voyles

Hey Keith, Good to see you. Thanks for giving your time to us. I have a few quick questions for you.

First, are you missing quiz?
Voyles: Definitely. Yeah, I certainly miss it.

How has quiz helped you overall in life?
Voyles: I would say that most of all it has helped me with discipline. Discipline to memorize even when I didn’t want to or didn’t feel like it. It also helped me to focus better and to stay calm and steady under pressure.

Is PVKY peaking this year?
Voyles: Yes, I would say so.

Do you wish you could’ve quizzed with the team at its peak?
Voyles: Yes, I would have. I really feel like that we had some really good years of quizzing and that we came along way, but it would be good to quiz with this year’s team.

Since you’ve finally been able to take in this tournament as a spectator, what do you think of this year’s competition?
Voyles: It has been very high this year. It always is. It seemed like we were stuck at 5th place at this tournament for so long. No matter how good we were or how well we quizzed here, 5th place seemed to always catch us.

So what was this team’s goal coming into the tournament?
Voyles: Well, to break that 5th place! Pastor told the team before we came that we were coming to win. You know, that we were coming to do our best. If our best was 2nd place, that we would get 2nd. But our goal really is to win this tournament.

Ok, let’s say that you are not Keith Voyles. That you are just a random quizzer from maybe Colorado. Which sibling duo would you rather have on your team, Voyles or Wells?
Voyles: It’s actually closer than you might think, but I would say the Wells.

Along the same line as the previous question-Which sibling duo would you rather have on your team, Wells or Carbonells?
Voyles: That’s hard. Really hard. But I would have to pick the Carbonells because I think they’re a split quicker and have more experience.

What’s your favorite tournament other than AACS Nationals?
Voyles: Colorado Invitational.

Do you have any future goals for yourself in quizzing?
Voyles: I would like to help young kids get involved with quizzing. Whether that be at a different ministry or to work with the younger kids at PVKY, just to help others learn the Bible. I also wouldn’t mind quizmastering at some point.

I know that you lived in SC for a while and went to PVSC. Which would you rather quiz for, PVKY or PVSC?
Voyles: Kentucky all the way.

Ok, last question. And maybe a little hard to answer. Be as completely honest as you can be. Let’s say you (PVKY) are in a tight quiz that includes PVSC and another good team. I know that your team is pretty good friends with PVSC, do you help them to get the middle win in that quiz?
Voyles: Well, you know, um… Yeah. We would. I’ll be honest about that. We definitely would.

Thanks for all the time you’ve given and for all the good answers. By the way, no thanks for killing Brant and me on the basketball court earlier!!

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