If you know anyone who is an elementary student or know a ministry that has an elementary team, please have them mark their calendar for the Elementary Finals 2015. There are few things that are more exciting to me than watching kids who can’t pronounce words and don’t know what they mean YET to be memorizing the word of God.

We know that the human mind develops in stages. The ability to memorize is vital for survival even before oratory skills, reading, and logic. Because of this, many of our elementary friends have the ability to memorize vast quantities of Bible verses, often without the ability to logically work their way through them. Bible Quizzing is a phenomenal opportunity to learn those verses and then begin to digest the material by learning a series of questions.

Bible Quiz is also a very fun thing for them. The competition is intense, but all the students walk away talking about how fun it is and how they want to come back next year. So, have your elementary kids start learning Matthew now! We want to see more than our record 14 teams present next year!

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