Podcast! Season 10, Episode 26

Matt West was a little tired while driving to Florida. He talked about the benefit of variety. He talked about his view of the rankings, and he talked about things BibleQuizzer.net has done and what it is looking forward to doing. Please email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is almost 35 minutes.

Podcast! Season 10, Episode 25

West and Poston talk about how weird this season has been and how that affects the ballots for top team of the year. They didn’t come to any conclusions, other than the team that wins AACS is most likely to be #1 on the final poll (except Matt wants to vote New Testament #1 no matter what). Please email us …

Podcast! Season 10, SCQANIT

This year, instead of doing the SCQANIT mini-podcasts as we have in the past, we did video podcasts on Youtube. If you want to go back and see how wrong Matt was, click here.