The initial SCQANIT pairings are posted! There are 25 teams and we have the matchups through two rounds! If you want to add some information, email us at

Here are the initial pairings
Here are partial Round 1 Results
Here are the final Round 1 Results
Here are partial Round 2 Results
Here are full Round 2 Results
Here are round 3 results
Here are round 4 results
Here are the before lunch results

Here is the after lunch schedule
Here are the round 6 results
Here are the round 7 results
Here are the TOP 6
4 Teams Remaining (Round 9 Results)
3 Teams Remaining (Round 10 Results)
3 Teams Remaining (Round 11 Results)
2 Teams Remaining (Round 12 Results)

Congratualtions Faith South Carolina! They have won SCQANIT without having a single loss!