1. Thanks so much for these updates. My Monday would have been terrible without these. Can we get scores posted instead of just H, M, L?

  2. The video locked up sometimes, and everyone besides Matt was tough to hear, but I really felt like I was there. That was really cool. David Tyrrell, thanks for bringing such a novel approach to the podcasts this year!

  3. I was not expecting a Live feel to the Live Podcast. That was sensational! Let me know if you’re doing another one!

  4. Who is Falls? What team are they? It looks like they took 1st, Temple 1-2nd, and Woodside 3rd. Just checking to be sure I have it correct.

  5. Can you do the charts w/scores more timely. You’ve had time for 4-5 quizzes, I think. It’s tough to be home doing chores when you all have all the excitement.

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