CAST 2019

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Place FinishTeam NameQuizzer 1Quizzer 2
1st19-BEAST COASTNacho WestDrake Jones
2nd20-KBDGKatrina BunalesDaren Gutierrez
3rd24-JZCVJoshua ZabalaCarl Vallesteros
Here are the Championship Scoresheets
4th11-DOUBLE "A"GED SWORD Anna ScottAlex Fadden
4th16-JELLYJB JorquinNoely De La Cruz
Here is how we went from five teams to three
6th5-KIM POSSIBLESDavide KimHerina Kim
7th9-BURGER BELLESLydia SchaffDawn Miller
8th22-JLJHJustin LieouJessica Hana
9th12-GENERIC_TEAM_NAMEZoey FaddenNoah Fadden
Here are Results from the Top 9.
C14-PANINI HEADSEmma KaplanKatelyn Sims
C22-MIDNIGHT SUNSGeni JacksonLisbeth Jacinto
Here is the Championship Scoresheet
C48-PIZZA ANGELSAbigail SchaafRebecca Miller
C428-JEDI MASTERSAllison CastnerUnknown Person
Here is how we went from four teams to two
C617-NOT FAST JUST FURIOUSRhuel GarzaJason Jorquin
C723-NCAITANicole Caroline AreolaJohn Troy Areola
C810-BABY KANGAROOSHannah SchaffSheree Schaaf
C91-BLUEBERRY BUTTERFLIESEmma QuintanillaGrace Thomas
C107-SNAPSJezieca AzoresJodi Lester
Here are Results from the Consolation Division.
CC121-RSJWRonald SmithJeremiah Wheeler
CC218-CEREAL KILLERSShaian GallardoJeanne Galan
Here is the Championship Scoresheet
CC325-BIBLE MASTERSIsabel HernandezMalak NoName
CC414-SEASONED WITH SALTDean FaddenLevi Fadden
Here is how we went from four teams to two
CC56-THE DUOLINGOSAlex VielmannLiz Sober
CC63-TWIXERSDaniel AttallahOlivia Kaplan
CC726-BIBLE NINJASElizabeth RiceIsaac Corral
CC829-FB LBAmy and M. ScottMannaseh Osei-Kwarteng
CC913-COLORADIANSStacie BakerRhianna Jeffcoat
CC1027-STARLIGHT CUTIESGabriella ReynosoErin Sari
Here are Results from the Consolation C Division.

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