GAS 2016

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PlaceTeam NameQuizzer 1Quizzer 2
1F- Temple of HopeCullen BaggettReid LaFountain
2E- The BarbariansShelby ZiemerCarson Ziemer
3X- Unintimidated & 5-Star RatedCalvin PettyjohnJack Bamford
4J- Roadkill Revival Strikes BackMichael BalkaGrant Balka
5G- Second Place CurseDalton CroyJoseph Young
Here are the scoresheets for the top 5
6Y- Faith 4Ali HermetzKenzie McGregor
7M- The Little CaesarsRick PardeeMicah Folkers
8R- More than ConquerorsElwyn BumacodCarl Vallesteros
9Z- Two Generations of FaithTom Swinton
Stacy Lagger

Here is how we ranked the Top 9
C1N- The Invisible ThingsEllie MyersHannah Lovegrove
C2D- The Pioneer and the RancherParker ZiemerAshley Hall
C3T- King CobrasDavid JonesGabriel Unger
C4U- Cinderella and RapunzelEmma UngerCourtney Jones
C5K- Captain America and BuckySawyer BaggettCarson Balka
C6A- Knoxville KnockoutsScott FirebaughLarry Bowlby
C7C- Fully PersuadedSarah CarnellEsther Carnell
C8W- Colon and Parenthesis
Jonah UngerJoshua Grimm
C9L- Adam & EricAdam EastlandEric Carnell
Here is how we ranked the Middle 9
c2-1S- Purple FrecklesBethany CarnellLydia Crosby
c2-2B- Sky diving SquirrelsLily FonteJoy Fonte
c2-3Q- To Be DeterminedNathaniel SheetsBen Cler
c2-4H- The Tenacious TurtlesRhoda FolkersCharlotte Caruthers
c2-5I- Coral CoralsSusanna Myers
Ana Moran
c2-6P- Jack and Chuck, the WagonsAndrew StephensonDaniel MacDonald
c2-7V- Quidquid latine dictum, altum videturNacho WestJoshua Curtiss
c2-8O- Pinky and the BrainCaleb HancockMicah Hendry
c2-9#- Good, Great, and WonderfulXavier BernardGrace Schlabach
Here is how we ranked the Bottom 9

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