GAS 2015

Results from July 18, 2015
The Highest Quizzers from the day.

Here are the teams for the tournament.

Round Robin Results
The Day started with every team getting 14 quizzes, and the top 12 teams advanced.Here are the morning results.

To see the stats as they were on the projector at the event, click here.

Continually refresh, as the stats will be updated after each round.

Consolation A Tournament

Consolation B Tournament

Championship Tournament
The top 12 teams face each other in some very intense quizzing.


Quiz 1
LOOKING UNTO JESUS gets their first loss, which they clinched when when Roadkill Revival got question #14.

Quiz 2
LOOKING UNTO JESUS gets their second loss, which they clinched when Prime Time answered Question #15, and secures 5th Place.

Quiz 3
ROADKILL REVIVAL gets their first loss. They had a scant chance on Question 13, but when they missed it, it was over.

Quiz 4
PRIME TIME gets their first loss, which was clinched when Updated and over-rated got question #14.

Quiz 5
ROADKILL REVIVAL gets their second loss, which they clinched when they missed Question #14, and secures a 4th place finish.

Quiz 6
PRIME TIME gets their second loss, when Sandwiches by the Seashore got Question #15, and secures third place.

Quiz 7
SANDWICHES BY THE SEASHORE gets a loss in the first two team quiz, which came down to the last question.

Quiz 8
UPDATED & OVERRATED gets their first loss, rather handily, as Sandwiches by the Seashore clinched it after Question #8.

Quiz 9
UPDATED & OVERRATED WINS THE BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPIONSHIP!! It would have gone the other way had Hanna gotten the 50/50 on Question #11.


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    Buckeyes and The Golden Rose both scored 1330 in the morning. They both scored 800 in the afternoon. In their three head-to-head quizzes, they both scored 400. I’ve never seen two teams as statistically equal as that!

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