Cullen Baggett

Favorite Memorized Passage:

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”  Hebrews 4:12

Honors and Accomplishments

  • ANYC Top Quizzer (2013, 2016)
  • CI Champion (2014)
  • CI Top Quizzer (2014, 2016)
  • SCQANIT Champion (2014)
  • AACS Champion (2015)

It is my sincere pleasure and honor to write this article inducting my friend and former competitor Cullen Baggett into the Hall of Fame.  While Cullen began his Bible Quiz career a bit later than most quizzers (8th grade over the Gospel of John), it did not take long for him to develop into one of the game’s most dominant and recognizable forces.  By his freshman year of high school, Cullen was already leading Temple Tennessee to major tournament success: Top 3 finishes in Athens, SCQANIT and Nationals along with a Top Quizzer finish at Athens.  Always a student of the game, Cullen’s understanding of strategy and quizzing logic coupled with a deep competitive fire and dedication to Scripture led to an incredible amount of individual and team success throughout his four years of high school.

While I could wax eloquent for pages and pages about Cullen’s accomplishments on the Bible Quiz chairs, it is what he has done and is still doing off them which makes him so worthy of this Hall of Fame nomination.  Cullen spent his years in quiz proactively including and encouraging other quizzers from all different ministries, regardless of age or skill level.  He taught myself and dozens of other quizzers the importance of pursuing team victories above individual success.  Once at the end of a smaller tournament early in our Bible Quiz season, Cullen briefly quipped to me, “Trophies over medals, always.”  This simple line stuck with me over my own quizzing journey, and it’s only one of countless examples which showcase how Cullen’s selfless, Christlike attitude affected the quizzers, coaches and spectators around him.

Cullen’s outgoing pursuit and acceptance of fellow quizzers is evident in the following advice he would offer to current quizzers:

“I would advise current quizzers to branch out and befriend other quizzers especially from different ministries. When you do this, you will congratulate competitors when they win and encourage them when they lose and they will do the same to you. As I look back on my days as a quizzer, outside of the verses I memorized, the best thing that came out of quizzing was the friendships. I have so many friends and acquaintances all across the United States that I never would have met without Bible Quizzing and just trying to be friendly. Just using people skills to develop friendships will add so much more to your Bible Quiz experience.”

When asked how God has used Bible Quiz to impact his life, Cullen provided the following three perspectives.  First, quizzing gave him a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, allowing him to approach situations with a Biblical mindset sharpened by years of careful study and thought on Scripture.  Second, through quizzing Cullen developed a sense of aspiration, discipline and tenacity.  His years of quizzing and competition taught him how to shun complacency and strive for excellence in all circumstances. And lastly, Cullen is thankful to have made some of the best friendships of his life through Bible Quiz; friendships with people across the country with whom he is unified through a collective pursuit of God and His Word.

Even now, Cullen uses Bible Quiz as a means to connect with others and encourage younger quizzers to deepen their relationship with God through study of His Word.  From his involvement with podcasts to attending tournaments and quizzing events, Cullen remains a passionate advocate for this game and its impact on young people.  As mentioned above, his statistical results alone should be enough to convince anyone of his place in the Hall of Fame, but it is his impact off the quiz chairs that makes him truly worthy of this position.


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