GAS 2021

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PlaceTeam NameQuizzer OneQuizzer Two
1RA - The Last of the Volunteer BadgersCullen BaggettJohnathan Swaffer
2BX - Brevity is the Essence of WitAndrew Proffitt Dalton Croy
Championship Result
Last of the Volunteer Badgers beat Brevity is the Essence of Wit, 170-160
3RW - Stimulated and VaccinatedJack Bamford Calvin Pettyjohn
4RN - Bad and BoujeeCarl Vallesteros Stephen Wheeler
5BY - Dos HermanosBen Brewster Blake Brewster
6RG - ICY-HOTJoseph Henderson Carson Ziemer
Here's how the Top 6 fared
7BG - SydlotteCharlotte Caruthers Sydney Downs
8BN - M&MGabriel Unger Lydia Crosby
9BQ - 2% and bacon greaseElijah WilliamsJoshua Williams
10RI - The YOLOers Ride AgainEsther Carnell Abigail Hester
11BV - Balanced ScalesJoshua Floyd Karin Wiley
12RB - The ExesGrace WilliamsBrady Brewster
13RC - U + Mii = WiiJoella Downs Nathaniel Downs
14BT - Unlearned and Ignorant MenJonathan Rose Micah Floyd
15RV - Strawberry ShortcakeMoriah Pipkin Abigail Unger
Here's how the Top 15 went
B1RO - Strength and HonorAdam EastlandDavid Jones
B2RX - Bulls for ChristTimothy Crosby Samuel Unger
B3BW - TruthseekersRobin FloydNaomi Floyd
B4BA - Jus & JoJustus Wells Jonah Unger
B5RT - LeapersJon Crosby Charity Carnell
B6BO - Jack and Chuck, the WagonsDaren Gutierrez Gustavo Velazquez
Here's the Consolation 1 Playoffs
B7BE - Sneakers & HeelsEmma Unger Grace Carnell
B8BM - non West dolorMatt WestNacho West
B9RM - Jumping for JOYJohn Hall Hannah Hester
B10BD - Double Action PeacemakersEric Carnell Joy Carnell
B11RD - Getting Our Acts TogetherJesse FloydAmy Floyd
B12BP - Flying GiraffesJustin Lieou Tucker Fritz
B13RS - EMILEAHEmily Williams Maleah Sexton
B14RF - Brownie and RockyFred Nocito Olivia Spade
B15BC - SurvivorsBellhannah Cutler Gloria Carnell
Here's how Consolation 1 went
C1BS - KC Chicken NuggetsChristmas Martin Karissa Swaffer
C2RU - This & ThatMegan Carnell Lydia Pipkin
C3RY - C.I.A.James Crosby Elijah Crosby
C4RR - Quizin CouzinsMolly Crumley Lani Beth Sexton
Here's the Consolation 2 Playoffs
C5BU - Cotton CandyKarielle Swaffer Brooke White
C6RP - Someone old &Someone newSadie CulclasureKaili Swaffer
C7BB - WhatchamacallitBreagan Cutler Destiny Wells
C8RK - TNTTrisha Hall Timothy Vliet
C9BR - Glasses Mt. BoysJacob Delatorre Logan Holcombe
C10BF - Daughters of ThunderAmelia Wells Lydia Ballinger
Here's how Consolation 2 went
D1RE - One AccordIsaac Whitehead Carrie Whitehead
D2RH - PB&JBrigitta Cutler Josiah Wells
D3BH - North & SouthMolly Carnell Lily Crane
D4RQ - Krispy Kreek returnsRiver AndrewsKristiana Swaffer
Here's the Consolation 3 Playoffs
D5RL - Corner StonesAbigail Greene Bethany Cutler
D6RJ - MiscellaneousEmma Carnell Elizabeth Vliet
D7BK - SwordsBerean Cutler Roger Greene
D8BI - Mack AttackKristine MackKailyn Mack
D9BJ - Rushing WindLandyn Marunich Marygrace Carnell
D10BL - D&TAbby GlassKatie Swaffer
Here's how Consolation 3 went

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