AACS 2014

Thursday updates are here.

The initial pairings are posted.
The Round one Results.
The Round two Results.
The Round three Results.
The Results before the Chapel/Lunch break.
The Sorted Results and Pairings.
First Round After Lunch break.
Second Round After Lunch break.

Podcast with the cast of thousands!

Third Round After Lunch break.
The Results before moving to One Room.
Tennessee is out. Only one quiz left before Thursday.
Schedule for Thursday set. Four teams (CO, NY, WI, FL) going!

Interview 1 with Liz, a former quizzer.
Interview 2 with Erkens, a former quizzer.

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Who are these teams?

Alabama (AL) Bible Methodist Christian School
Colorado (CO) Woodside Baptist School
Florida (FL) Hillsdale Baptist Home School
Illinois (IL) Heritage Christian School
Indiana (IN) Baptist Academy
Kentucky (KY) Pleasant View Baptist School
Michigan (MI) Faith Christian School
New Hampshire (NH) Trinity Christian School
New York (NY) Genesee Valley Home Educators
North Carolina (NC) Tabernacle Christian School
South Carolina (SC) Northside Christian School
Tennessee (TN) Temple Baptist Academy
Virginia (VA) Great Hope Baptist School
West Virginia (WV) Emmanuel Christian School
Wisconsin (WI) Kettle Moraine Baptist Academy