MASS 2021

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Final PlaceTeam NameQuizzer 1Quizzer 2
1BJ - Hannahlaina VanGillmoreTerrilaina GillmoreHannah Lynn Van Gelderen
2AM - A Dos of RealityJonathan PaszkiewiczThomas Paszkiewicz
Here are Results of the Championship Quiz.
3BO - One Up, One DownSydney DownsLydia Roberts
4AN - Grievous WolvesTimothy PaszkiewiczNaomi Paszkiewicz
Here are Results of the 3rd place quiz.
5BI - Tongues of FireEmma Lee Van GelderenStephen Van Gelderen
6AE - Little Is MuchCharity ShoultzChloe Schilling
Here are Results from the Top 6.
7BC - King Bacon and the Trash CanNathaniel DownsDaniel Roberts
8BL - Rule of TwoNacho WestMatt West
8BP - BracefaceAnna ScottAlex(andra) Fadden
10AJ - Palm Cheese Pen PalsJoella DownsBethany Roberts
11AB - Brawny & BrainyCaleb Van GelderenGabe Sanderlin
12BN - Fridge Bombers Gone WrongDavid RobertsIan Turner
Here are Results from the Top 12.
B-1AD - Two Peas in a PodTaylor MeltonSophia Shoultz
B-2BH - Just Cuzz We're DessaLydHadessa GillmoreLydia Van Gelderen
Results of the Consolation 1 Championship Quiz.
B-3AP - The Busy BeesClairesse HaertlJoanna Paszkiewicz
B-4BB - MMBA3Nate PugaSusie Sherwin
B-5BA - Ebeid DuoDaniella EbeidDaniel Ebeid
B-6AL - The Leviathan SlayersZoey FaddenJosh Baird
Here are the top 6 in Consolation 1.
B-7BG - Big B, Little BTitus ShoultzZechariah Shoultz
B-8BQ - Knights of the Square TableNoah FaddenMatthew Scott
B-9AH - BananaSarah El-ZabetBrooklynn Potter
B-10BR - The WildcatsDerek HenningJohanna Henning
B-11AG - Quizzical CrusadersAnna SchmidElizabeth Lazzell
B-12AC - New HampshireHattie ZettlerNadia Paszkiewicz
Here are Results from the 12 in Consolation 1.
C-1AI - TOAST....EDMelody RobertsMatthew Roberts
C-2BK - Tiny Tom & Speedy GonzalezTrystan AcostaThomas Foerster
Results of the Consolation 2 Championship Quiz.
C-3AO - Todd & the PhoneSimeon ShoultzNathan Sikma
C-4BD - Mom-MomTina FaddenTricia Chaney
C-5BE - GoatsMichael ScottAli Chaney
C-6AR - MnM and LicoriceMichaela ShoultzLydia Zettler
Here are the top 6 in Consolation 2.
C-7BM - K&A PowerKailey BurckartAshlyn Sims
C-8AK - Courageous CougarsDaniel GaryJosh Gary
C-9AQ - LOLLinnea GillmoreLindsey Tomich
C-10AA - Maranatha Quiz-adersSeth AndersonSara Drost
C-11BF - The Angry PicklesHaylie HenningJinger Henning
C-12AF - Couch BugsHannah TomichMelody Hilderman
Here are Results from the 12 in Consolation 2.

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