Past Tournaments

In the realm of AACS style Bible quizzing there are 4 prominent or “Major” tournaments that usually are home to the highest level quizzing of the year. Because of their intensity and difficulty to win these are often used as the basis for measuring the best teams and quizzers. It would definitely require excellence for a team to place at any of the following tournaments.

New Years Classic

The New Years Classic or “Athens” quiz is held at Athens Christian School in Athens, Georgia on the first Saturday of January. This is one of the first big tournaments of the year and can serve as a measuring stick for teams wondering where they are at competitively. Athens usually draws between 15 and 20 teams and will have the majority of the big teams present.

Colorado Invitational  

The Colorado Invitational or “CI” is hosted by Woodside Baptist Church in Aurora, Colorado in the month of February. CI is widely considered as the toughest tournament of the year because of the high level of competition. This quiz averages around 10 of the best best teams in the country.


The South Carolina Quizzing Association National Invitational Tournament is held in Greenville, South Carolina on the Monday before AACS nationals. More commonly known as SCQANIT or just NIT, this quiz is one of the largest of the year. While many of the teams at SCQANIT also compete in the AACS Nationals competition, there are some that do not compete in that tournament because they did not qualify at state or they are not a part of AACS. Often boast more than 20 to 25 team this quiz is definitely one of the best of the year.

AACS Nationals

The AACS Nationals tournament is held during the American Association of Christian Schools national fine arts competition in April. The tournament takes place on the grounds of Bob Jones University on Tuesday and the Finals rounds between the last 3 or 4 teams are held on Thursday of the same week. While many would fight the notion that the team that wins Nationals is the best in the Nation, there is something to be said about the prowess of a team that can win this competition.