Who’s Going to Finish Second?

By Ron Zyhaus

The first big tournament in the Southeast, the FQA Atlanta Midseason Invitational, has finally come. Directed by Matt West, it covers the first 14 chapters of the book of Acts. There should be at least 7 major Bible Quiz contenders competing: Athens, Pleasant View (SC), Temple, First Baptist Church Central Florida (which for the remainder of this article will be abbreviated FBC-CF), Covenant Life, Calvary Fort Walton Beach, and Pleasant View (KY).What’s Definitely Going to Happen:
FBC-CF will win this tournament. They have not only the best team in the southeast but also the deepest and should be tough to beat the entire year. I think that the Hamar is giving an in depth look at them in the next couple of days, so I’ll spare you here. But trust me–this is a very strong team. The next four teams will be Athens, Pleasant View (SC), Covenant Life, and Pleasant View (KY).

What I Think Is Going to Happen but May Not:
OK, the big question for the day is who’s going to come in second. With these four fairly even teams, it makes my job a lot tougher. Afterwards, feel free to criticize me in any way you’d like. Covenant Life could show up either very motivated or very discouraged (because of the Old Paths Bible Quiz machine also in New York). I’m feeling pessimistic on them right now. I think they’ll finish 5th. Pleasant View (KY) is a team on the rise, but without much quizzing competition there and since it’s still early in the season, I’ll say 4th for them. Here is where it’s really interesting. Pleasant View (SC) pretty much dominated Athens at a tournament that I saw earlier this year. But due to some inside information and just a gut feeling, I’ll go with Pleasant View (SC) 3rd and Athens 2nd but without either one giving FBC-CF a serious challenge.

That’s all. We’ll have the results early next week

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