November I-85 (RAMS)

By Ron Zyhaus

November was sort of a slow month for Bible Quizzing in the I-85 division. Only 3 teams were able to make it, but quality is always preferred over quantity, and we definitely had quality. The 3 teams brave enough to show up at Southside Christian School were Southside (of course), Athens, and Eagles’ Landing.

Athens was a little overmatched because they came prepared to quiz over the Vets material which hasn’t yet caught up to the RAMS material. Despite this, they gave both of the other teams good competition throughout the day.

Eagles’ Landing and Southside once again had another show down to take home the RAMS trophy (before this, Eagles’ Landing had had it once and Southside twice). As always, the league’s two most dominant quizzers, Zac Talley (Eagles’ Landing) and Jacob Varugause (Southside), basically neutralized each other and the tournament came down to the supporting cast. This month, Eagles’ Landing’s was the stronger of the two and was able to bring home the trophy for the second time. This is going to provide some extra intensity when the teams meet again in December to decide who will have won more tournaments this year.

At this point, I’d like to give a shout out to’s directors: Brant Callaway and David Poston. For their first time in their short lives, they were completely in charge of the tournament. And in charge they were–I cannot remember a tournament that has been run more smoothly. Also, David proved to be an excellent head quizmaster and according to Bob Hamar “has at least as much talent for Bible Quizzing as David Douglas, and could even exceed him as the years go by.”

That’s all for now but stay tuned for more RAMS coverage in the future

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