Interview: Dr. Jack Knapp

During the AACS national competition,’s David Poston sat down with Dr. Jack Knapp for an exclusive interview.—April 13, Tuesday morning, 11:00- The quizzing has paused for chapel and lunch. I was given the oppurtunity to sit down for a few moments with Dr. Knapp.

I heard recently that you have been involved in AACS for 20 years. Is that fairly accurate?
Yes, we talked about that yesterday as a matter of fact. With the help of David Douglas, I believe it was 1982 when I started helping.

Was yesterday the first time that you have ever attended SCQANIT?
It was the first time I have ever had a chance to get over to that tournament. Usually, I am preaching (sometimes for Easter) in a service on Sunday and do not even arrive in Greenville in time for it.

How does this year’s talent and competition level compare to previous years?
Well, every year it’s hard to compare. Also, the books make a difference. Some books are harder to quiz over than other. This book (Acts) is one of the harder ones. I believe each year that the competition is getting tighter. Yes, tighter; not better.

Do you believe that this tournament is the best tournament of the year?
Of all the tournaments that I am aware of, this is the best. The tournament lasts for more than one day. Also, the teams which compete here have already competed in another tournament just to be able to quiz in this one.

As more and more tournaments grow, do you believe the importance of AACS nationals is lessening?
No, quite the opposite. As more and more teams get involved in many of the earlier tournaments in the year, it makes the competition even tighter when they come here for nationals. And it is amazing how the level of quizzing is tightening on the state level. Many of these teams are in a tough battle just to get to nationals.

And let me just say right here, and please quote me on this. I appreciate what the states are doing. Some states have the philosophy of what can I get from the Bible Quiz program; I am thankful for the states that say what can I give–what will make Bible Quiz stronger around the world. I know that there have even been times when some states have supported this competition financially. Florida has always been such a help to our national competition, and others as well.

Finally, could you pick some top teams from the morning rounds. Also, pick a team that you think will be surprising.
It’s difficult because I can’t see all the teams. ( pause for some research to see how many teams Dr. Knapp had quizmastered in the morning–he had 13 of the 20 teams at this point). In one quiz, one team won’t do to well; then in the next quiz, they will look outstanding. I know that PA, CO, TX, and a few others, are looking really strong right now. If I had to pick a darkhorse, it would be Missouri. They look alot better this year, and I expect them to go far into this year’s tournament. Also, South Carolina is up and coming.

Well, thank you for giving us a few minutes this morning. We look forward to a great tournament this afternoon and thursday. Thank you for all the work you put into this tournament. We pray that God continually blesses it.

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