Hamar’s Resignation

After much thought and contemplation, I have decided to issue my resignation from the full time writing staff of BibleQuizzer.net. In my life I have two passions–Bible Quiz and Nebraska football. Unfortunately, recent struggles have made it impossible for me to do justice to either. My dream was to follow the Huskers in the fall, making small contributions to the BQ site, and then during the off-season in college football (if there really is one), I could cover the most important Bible Quiz events of the year.

Obviously, this has not been possible and I feel like I am doing a disservice to everyone. I had to spend some time with my sick mother and it spiraled into something I just did not have time to do. I hope to continue an amicable relationship with Bible Quizzer dot net and write the occasional guest article, but I do not feel I am in a position where I can assure periodic articles. I feel David and Brant are more than capable of running the website, and with Ron, Charles (you may like the new nickname George, but you’ll always be Charles to me), and the additions of Jesse, Jeremiah, Tiffany, and occasionally Breanna, the staff is in a better position than it ever has been. Thanks for the opportunity to bless you all with the few Bible Quiz articles I was able to write and maybe one day, I will have the time to dedicate myself fully to the task.

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