By Ron Zyhaus

We’re fast approaching the first event for the 2004-2005 Florida Quizzing Association I-85 division. You may be surprised to be hearing from concerning I-85 especially since we have two high ranking I-85 officials as the directors of our humble website, but being closely associated with I-85, neither felt they could give a fair assessment of the competition. Therefore, I have been appointed to cover it, at least for the time being.

The Florida Quizzing Association in my estimation is that fast growing and most forward thinking of all Bible Quiz Leagues. We are coming closer by the day when we will see another Florida team win nationals and like 5 in the top 5 at SCQANIT. As for I-85, the junior version of FQA South, they return several well known teams including Pleasant View (SC), Athens, and Southside.

Although the high school competition is weak, especially when compared to FQA South and the Piedmont Quizzing Association, I-85 is making huge strides in both the middle school (RAMS) and college age groups.

The RAMS (rookies and middle school) is a tremendous program for I-85. Eagles Landing looks to have the beginnings of a strong program as they brought a strong team every month last year. Southside is still trying to regain its status as a regional and national power and also have a good start with their RAMS team. The FQA’s RAMS division seems to be on the cutting edge of program building in Bible Quiz.

The high school division had some rough spots throughout last year. Because Southside was not able to field a high school team, Athens and Pleasant View had trouble justifying long journeys just to quiz against each other every month. I expect this situation to change considerably this year.

One of the key reasons that it will change is the advent of I-85’s college league. Because the college league is still small, if worst comes to worst, the high schoolers can show off beating up against the likes of David and Brant.

Man, oh man, I can’t wait for Saturday, I-85 quizzing, and the start of a new Bible Quiz season.

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