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By Ron Zyhaus

At, our policy is to promote ourselves as much as humanly possible, to write as many times as we can in every article in order to brand our readers to keep them coming back. It takes something really cool to knock us out of that mode especially if it’s not created by us.

But that’s exactly what we have today., made by the creators of, is in my estimation one of the coolest things happening in Bible Quiz right now. allows Bible Quiz teams, leagues, and tournaments to freely host their own webpage. No more having to rely on what puts on the internet about yourself, do it yourself on and probably even better, no more having to shell out $100 a year on your own website. even goes as far as having several templates for you to choose from if you’re not too computer savvy.

Surprisingly, although it’s been in existence for more than a month, it seems as though there has been no one as of yet to make use of’s services—that’s just kind of the around the water cooler gossip that I’ve been hearing.

And now that I’ve already broken my reporter’s code of ethics, another rumor has it that Brant would be willing to help the first person that got in touch with him design a site. That’s just a rumor, but if you want a website but don’t know too much HyperText Markup Language, send an email to–it’s worth a shot.

So now that I’ve done my once-a-year charity work, I’ll switch back to my two favorites: promotion and self-promotion.

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