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With less than a month until the first quiz, many of the Church’s who are involved in PQA are tossing around lineups and trying to come up with just the right combination to compete at the best possible level as an organization. Others are looking at having one or two teams who will compete for the top and a team or two who will be in the lower rankings of the league. With this in mind it is hard to say who will have that team that makes the run to the top and never looks back. Last year that team was Faith 4. It was obvious in the very early months of quiz that these guys were truly awesome! They rolled on to finish undefeated in the regular season. If tradition holds true, you can look for Faith to be back at the top, battling with Athens and Pleasant View. Also look for Hampton Park to be a lot tougher this year. I’ve been told that they are looking to get back to the battle for first place in the league.

Here are a number of quizzer’s to keep an eye on this year. Jonathan Bishop will be a Senior this year and rumor has it that he will be better than ever. Also there is another Bishop! Yes, Joshua Bishop. He is still young but has shown signs of being really good. Bryce Tyson from Pleasant View will also be very good again this year. He is working really hard and seems to be taking his quizzing to a new level. Esther Tobias should be good as well. She is showing signs of taking it up another notch and should help her team go along way this year. Kyler Dennis and Anthony Licata from Athens are both very good quizzer’s, both should be nothing short of awesome. Now lest some really good quizzer should be overlooked let me say, there are always those who are overlooked. Watch out for them they are the ones who can surprise the quizzer’s who have the spot light. They are the darkhorse quizzer’s who win quizzes!

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