Startup Your Week: Keywords

Do you think it is effective to know all of the keywords from the material?

Personally, I think it is effective to know all of the material, but identifying keywords can definitely help. I don’t think that focusing on keywords while memorizing is a great idea if you don’t have your verses mastered and the actual concepts of the passage learned. Its usefulness is also based on how much of the scripture you actually have memorized. I often catch myself jumping on chapters I don’t know simply because I heard a familiar phrase, perhaps picked up by listening to other teammates quote.

The more of the material you have memorized, the more singling out keywords will help. As for me, I don’t really spend a lot of time on identifying keywords, simply because I do not know all of the material, and I may jump on something I do not know.

Lindsay wrote an excellent article on how much of the material quizzers should learn, but as a rule of thumb: if you are dedicated to quizzing, you will want to learn a lot of chapters. Thus, the relevancy of the keywords in a question will increase with the amount of the Scripture learned.

Why were you in china?!
–Lizard, China

Er, China… Well, I’m not a huge fan of China, but that’s not to say I would not go there…

If you are referring to AFRICA (which is different than China), I was over there under the service of Youth For Christ (YFC). I was in the country of Namibia, and the Namibian government gave us permission to teach in the public schools about sex, AIDS, and the love of Jesus Christ. The AIDS rate over there is about 40%, and the students of Namibia begin to be sexually active in their early teens. So we went into the schools and taught that sex is worth waiting for until marriage, and that the Bible instructs us likewise. We (referring to the team that my church sent) were over in Africa three weeks.

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