Startup Your Week: Jumping Technique

First, I’d like to start out addressing Poston’s article on challenging. He is correct in saying that, over the course of my quizzing career, a lot of losses have been handed to my team because of an opposing quizzer making a needless challenge and the quizmaster accepting it. I find myself often on the losing end of the spectrum because a quizmaster is not showing enough discernment in his/her rulings. I will stand by my statement that challenging is only a necessary part of quizzing because humans are falliable.

I will also say this: In my entire quizzing career, I have made only 5 challenges. Three of them were overruled or cancelled, two were accepted. Maybe it is foolishness on my part for not challenging when in doubt, but I would rather move on with the quiz than make excessive challenges.

How can a quizzer improve his/her/its reflexes (I’m not talking about when to jump, just the physical aspect of this great sport)?
–Little Old Me, somewhere

The most wonderful thing about Bible Quizzing is that it does not matter who you are, you can still quiz successfully! You don’t have to be small or large, improving your reflexes is all in your mind. A lot of people see jumping as a jurking motion; a swift leap off the seat, but reflexes can be something silent and smooth. Elevating yourself slowly has great benefits.

What I mean is when you lead forward or raise yourself slightly, triggering the lights to identify you as the first up. This is most effective is the quiz box does not have a beeper, so the other quizzers and, most importantly, the quizmaster don’t see that you have jumped. The quizmaster may leak an extra word or two before even noticing that a light is on.

If the system does include a beeper, than such a strategy will not be AS effective. You may wind up getting a foul for not getting up in a continuous motion. Or you may be graced with a slow quizmaster or one who finishes their words or phrases before calling on you.

For more reflexing tips, experience is priceless. If you are dedicated, you will improve. It certainly helps if you have a man like Paul West to lay down the basics though!


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