Startup Your Week: Hall of Fame

Startup, do you vote for the Hall of Famers? Who (else) does?
–Archer, GA

In the Introduction to the Hall of Fame that Lindsay wrote prior to the current articles, he uses terms like “esteemed panel” to refer to the select few that are able to determine who should or should not be on this list. I however was not on this “esteemed panel,” and I did not expect I would be, simply because my life as a Bible Quizzer started in 2002, and names like Valerie Wood and Don Glaske were not familiar to me. In fact, reading Lindsay’s articles really help me personally obtain an overview of the Bible Quizzing scene years ago, and how we have Bible Quizzing the way it is today.

I do not know who else chose the Hall of Famers, and who else was nominated but turned down. But after reading these articles last week, I will certainly not question the importance of these people to Bible Quizzing. I had no idea of the history of Paul West or David Douglas, and I believe that whoever voted and wrote these simply fantastic articles knew what they were talking about.

If you could add one person to the list of Hall of Fame inductees, who would it be?
–Archer, GA

Matt West. His team won two AACS championships, and has quizzed on one of the best teams to exist. But I would not recognize Matt as a Hall of Famer of the past; I would recognize Matt as a Hall of Famer of the present. He is currently running three different divisions of the FQA, has established Elementary, RAMS, Veteran, and College quizzing for the south, and personally drops in to FQA teams during practice to help. I’m not going to say that I’m not biased, but I do know that nobody has impacted me more in Bible Quizzing than Matt. I have no doubt that the West family has contributed to Bible Quizzing more than any other, and Matt deserves a lot of credit toward that.

Use God’s light, Matt; you should be on the list.

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