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Today’s Quiz was held at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Taylors, South Carolina. There were a number of really interesting match-ups and I was able to watch a few of them. Over the next few days I will be submitting overviews of these quizzes as well as other news from the Piedmont Quizzing Association.

PQA Quizzer of The Month:
The PQA quizzer of the month goes to the top quizzer(s) of the previous month. This is determined by the person(s) who has the most corrects with the fewest errors. If two have the same number of corrects with the same number of errors the quizzer of the Month is determined by who quizzes out the quickest. This month there was a tie for the Quizzer of the Month. So it was awarded to two quizzer’s. Rebekah Rigsby of the Calvary Challengers who was a perfect 10-0. And Beka Accampo of Heritage, she also was a perfect 10-0. Great Job ladies!!

PQA Undefeated Teams after the first month:
1. Faith 4
2. Hampton Park Discerners
3. Faith 3
4. Pleasant View Defenders
5. Temple Swords
6. Calvary Chosen
7. Pleasant View Shining Lights
* all were 2-0

Close-up Quizzes:

Calvary Challengers vs. H.P. Witnesses

These were two teams that I had not had the chance to preview so knowing that they had one of the Quizzer’s of the Month on the team, I thought this would possibly be a good quiz to watch.

Calvary even with the Quizzer of the Month had somehow fallen short in both of its quizzes in August. The Witnesses on the other hand had split. As the quiz started it was clear to see that the best team on paper wasn’t the best team today. Rebekah Rigsby and Katie Geer were both very prepared to lead their team to a victory. Rebekah quizzed out on question #17 without errors and Katie on question #20. The outcome was never in doubt. Calvary won in blowout fashion 390-20!

Fellowship vs. Calvary Conquerors

Both teams entered the month with a one and one record. Calvary was statistically better but once again you can never under estimate the home team! Both teams seemed to be better than there records would indicate. Both jumped well and seemed to be prepared for quiz. The lead sea-sawed back and forth until question #15. Fellowship took the lead 160-150 and then began to pull away to a very comfortable win. 250-140. Also of note. Jim Lord of Fellowship quizzed out on question #20. Congratulations to Fellowship and Jim Lord on the Victory! In the next few days I will give two more overviews which you will not want to miss. The battle of the undefeated. Faith 4 vs. Pleasant View Defenders and Calvary Chosen vs. Pleasant View Shining Lights.


Aug. 21st, 2004
Heritage Bible Church
1 Cor. 1-6

Sept. 18th, 2004
Fellowship Baptist Church
1Cor. 7-10

Oct. 16th, 2004
Calvary Baptist Church
1Cor. 11-14

Nov. 13th, 2004
Community Baptist Church
1Cor. 15- 2Cor. 2

Dec. 11th, 2004
Pleasant View Baptist Church
2Cor. 3-8

Jan. 15th, 2005
Faith Baptist Church
2Cor. 9-13

Feb. 5th, 2005
Hampton Park Baptist Church
1 and 2 Cor.
Double Elimination Tournament

* Starting in Sept. there will be review questions from earlier Chapters


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