Startup Your Week: Types of Quizzers

Do you think the majority of quizzers (good ones) are more conservative and serious or fun loving and contemporary? We all know that Your Greatness belongs in the latter, but generally what do you think?
–Dorothy, Kansas

Well, aside from say Florida and Georgia teams, the teams I have seen at tournaments like NYC or SCQANIT all seem to be on the right side of the quizzing spectrum. Meaning, the majority of quizzers take quizzing, in my opinion, too seriously. I always saw the 2003 Athens team as being a fun-loving free-spirited team, and hey, they won Nationals! On the other side though, many of the major quizzers are usually solemn and unfortunately, seem too uptight for my taste. I’m not saying that Bible Quizzing is all fun and games, but for me, I always seem to have a good time. YAY!

What is your response to Linday’s “Midseason Events” article? i.e. do you think that it’s better to memorize in chunks or more spread out?
–Archer, GA

I like the FQA’s approach of having monthly quizzes, separating the material into smaller, easier-to-memorize sections. Basically, I have always known memorizing to be a gradual process as opposed to learning it all at once. HOWEVER, there used to be only one or two quizzing tournaments each year, and quizzers had to prepare for those the entire year. Also, I have heard that quizzing used to be better back then too. Matt West tells stories of when his team got over 300 points each match at AACS, and how they spent the entire year working toward that event. Right now, I suppose that because of all the competitions dispersed throughout the year, like the upcoming Midseason Invitational, that a more gradual process should be adopted.


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