Startup Your Week: Attractive Quizzers

Do you think it is better to be attractive and a mediocre quizzer or bad looking and a great quizzer? Do you think great quizzers are usually good Christians? What is the best way to realize life-long benefits?
–Phil Stubbs

I suppose this week I’ll dedicate to the physical attributes of a quizzer, which to me means very little. I am, of course, happy dating someone who is both attractive and a great quizzer, so I guess I don’t really think about such things.

Bible Quizzing is such a “sport” that people who are mediocre can become better. I have, in my opinion, a very attractive high school team that I coach. Unfortunately, most of the better looking quizzers are not very good, simply because they don’t put forth the effort. However, being a good quizzer is not terribly difficult, but it requires a lot of work. So I would choose the attractive yet moderate quizzer, and just work that person harder.

Do I think that great quizzers are good Christians? Well, they should be. They are armed with the Word of God hidden in their heart, and to whom much is given much is required. We as Christians cannot simply upload the Bible into our brain without making sure it reaches our heart. The best way to realize the life-long benefits is to analyze the Scripture learned. Study it, meditate on it, and ask God to teach you something through it. My pastor is currently working his way through the book of John, and it has been so effective to listen to his sermons. Hearing the pastor preach on Scripture I used to quiz over is perfect, as I find those verses coming to my head time and time again. The Lord has given me a great gift in Bible Quizzing, and for that, I am so thankful.

Does being fat hurt a quizzer?
–Dave Marriott, MI

Well, to be honest, being fat hurts anyone. But with all these magazines and newspapers talking about the growing rate of obesity in this country, I need not elaborate on that point. Honestly, quizzing is not much of a physical event, and thus some of the best quizzers have been both overweight and underweight. I suppose it can get to the point where you cannot move very fast because you are so heavy, but not once have I heard a quizzer said, “Man, I knew that answer, but I was not able to get up!” Conclusion: Fattening foods may be hazardous to your health, but not to your quizzing.


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