October PQA, Part 1

Today’s Quiz was held at the Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina. There were a number of really interesting match-up’s and I was able to preview a few of them. Over the next few days I will be submitting overviews of these quizzes as well as other news from the Piedmont Quizzing Association.
PQA Quizzer of the Month:
This month’s top quizzer was Kyler Dennis of Athens #1. Congratulations to Kyler on a job well done!

PQA undefeated teams after two months:
1. Pleasant View Defenders
2. Temple Swords
3. Faith 3
4. Calvary Chosen
* All were 4-0

I was able to sit in on several of the top 15 teams quizzes. All overviews are from these quizzes. I wish it were possible for me to tell you about every quiz, but there are four rooms all quizzing at the same time, and just one me. Not to mention I coach as well. But it worked out well for me this month, and I’m sure you will enjoy hearing about the really good teams I was able to see quiz.

#14 Pleasant View Shining Lights vs. #8 Faith 5:
This quiz started out with Bryce Tyson (the only quizzer in the league to quiz out in every quiz) getting three really quick errors. One from quizzing out but not the way you want to quiz out. Bryce’s first correct came on question #9, but do to some decent quizzing by other members of his team, they were still somewhat in the quiz. As the quiz progressed it was clear that Faith was truly the better team on the night. Even though Bryce came back to quiz out on questions #17, it was too little to late. Faith won 220-160. At times in the quiz I felt like Bryce who was not having his best night would have been better suited to have relied on his team a bit more, but hey good quizzers just have a hard time with sitting don’t they! Congratulations to Faith!

#7 Athens 1 vs. #6 Faith 1:
On paper this looked like it would be one of the best quizzes of the day. But in reality it was never close. Athens capitalized on an error for its first points and it was all Athens from that point on. Anthony Licata who up to this point hasn’t had his most memorable season, rebounded well and quizzed as well as any coach could have asked. He quizzed out without errors on question #8. On question #10 Athens received a 20-point team bones for all five team members answer a question correctly. This was a first for them and they were all pretty pumped up about it! Kyler Dennis also quizzed out on question #18 as Athens rolled to an easy 340-30 win!

In the next few days I will take a look at a few very intriguing quizzes. I will be giving you an overview of undefeated Faith 3’s day, as well as an inside the huddle overview of the Pleasant View Defenders. This includes a match up between Faith 3 and Pleasant View. You won’t want to miss it!

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