A smart Man’s Top 10

1. Old Paths:
I came thisclose to voting FBCCF #1, but I just can’t justify kicking the team many believe should have won last year that didn’t graduate anyone simply because they haven’t quizzed yet. So, Old Paths is the #1 team, for now. I have a feeling they will go back and forth with FBCCF all year, but for now they retain the top spot. If they can maintain it after November may be another story.

Last year they ended as #3 on my ballot and something tells me that if they would have formed one team at SCQANIT, they might have been able to overcome the absence of their coach. Any team that finishes in the top 6 at AACS and adds the #1 quizzer in all the land is instantly legitimate. FBCCF showed who was boos, by winning 13 strait quizzes at the Midseason Invitational. In addition, they had 12 strait high wins in the Former Midseason Invitational in Atlanta. That’s 25 quizzes against 22 different teams of varying skill. They have certainly set the bar high, but Old Paths might just be good enough to clear it.

3. Pleasant View (KY):
TJ has now moved this program from Pleasant View (SC)’s little “brother” to a potential champion at every event. They might be #1 if they could move up their newest Middle School sensation (TJ’s little sister, Autumn). For now they are just a notch below the top 2, but if they can learn to continue to focus on the quizzing itself, they will possibly even move up to the top echelon.

4. Woodside:
The defending champion can’t drop too far, but the fact that they lost one of their top two quizzers makes them have to prove it all over again in my book.

5. Pleasant View (SC):
Maybe I’ve been blinded by Townsend’s PQA updates, but their 4-0 start for team #1 and Bryce Tyson’s ability to quiz out no matter what happens make me think that this is a dynamite team waiting to happen. They are my top team in the PQA so far.

6. Athens:
Athens has their own undefeated PQA team and any team coached by Mr. Bamford should have a chance to make a big impact. They were a notch below FBCCF at the Atlanta event, but then again, according to this poll, so is everyone except Old Paths. Seniors Freddy Dove (pronounced Doe Vay) and Anthony Licata are leaders of a team and Kyler Dennis has top 10 individual potential. They are two years removed from an AACS championship, but there is enough championship pedigree left to keep them close to the top.

7. Capital City:
I have heard that they will not be at Athens New Year’s Classic this year, but how can you go against a team that has the best contending program in the country. I don’t think any other program puts together a contender like this one. They don’t pull out the big one, but #7 is appropriate for this program.

8. Faith (SC):
This is a great program also, but there huge loss to Athens and their status with only one undefeated team at this point makes me feel they are just a notch below where they usually are. They are the best 2-team quizzing team around, but at the big tournaments where three team quizzing takes over, I’ve got to think they are more appropriately towards the bottom of the top 10. Still a great team, but the Tiffany Parrot loss will prove to be huge.

9. Genesee Valley (or is it Heritage Mission):
If they can settle on a name and not lose energy in the afternoon, they can threaten any team on this list. They had as many points as Pleasant View (KY) in the Round Robin to tie for second most in West Virginia. They had more quizzers in the top 13 at that event than anyone. Add a few more of their equal parts and they are championship potential. They have a team like unto the Schaumburg teams of the recent past, but I have always felt like their preference of WBQA style quizzing was not only not understood by me, but also a hindrance to their ability to be better.

10. Wood County:
I must say with all honesty that #10 was the toughest for me. I think Rosedale (VA) and Temple (NC) have show that they may be able to pull off an upset. Valley, Spring City, and Tri-Cities have the established excellence. A Florida team (Open Door) looks like they may challenge FBCCF sometime. Faith (MI) is, until I see otherwise, a team on the rebound that I like giving bulletin board material. And the TMA teams that ended last year amid controversy, claims of excellence, and the final opportunity to put together their best 5 have graduated their top 3 and are even more in need of proof than Faith (MI). I think Schaumberg has fallen since their inability to compete at AACS. Reports of their return have been greatly exaggerated according to Tex Poston following his interview with Randy Thaxton. I think the WI teams will be good and there are OH teams that noone has seen in a few years. Nonetheless, I settle on Wood County. They have shown a decent team in the past and their ability to finish 4th at the Midseason in West Virginia showed me enough to put them over the other contenders for #11.

Let the quizzing begin!! I am so excited at what I’ve seen so far and I hope it continues to get better. I think the NYC will be better than ever.

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