Startup Your Week: King and Queen

Just a side note before I begin:
The intent of this section of the website is for enjoyment, as well as some occasional insight. But please do not send me questions that are racist or hurtful. I would like to think that people on the website, as Christians, would have the decency to refrain from making such comments. However, I do enjoy the humorous questions that are sent to me, so keep them coming!

Who was the best quizzer you have ever quizzed against and what made that person so good?
–Parken, GA

Parken, living in the very competitive state of Florida, I would say that there are several quizzers I have been against month after month in the FQA that have been great. We have the Carbonells, Breanna Richardson, and several others in the FQA that do very well. However, in all honesty, I have got to say that back in his prime years, Brant Calloway just frustrated the heck out of me. I saw him all year in 2002-2003, at the New Year’s Classic, at SCQANIT, and at AACS, and he was one of the only quizzers who performed well at all of them, especially against us at TMA.

When you have all of the chapters memorized as well as Brant did that year, and have the speed to get up first almost every question, you are going to do well. I’m not saying that I haven’t been given a run for my money since AACS 2003, but his quizzing certainly takes the cake.

Since we’ve been on the subject of the attractiveness of quizzers, in terms of physical attractiveness, who would you say are the king and queen of Bible Quiz?
–Archer, GA

As ridiculously biased as I am, I have no choice but to say that myself (duh) and my girlfriend, Heather (duh again) are the “king and queen” of Bible Quiz. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question seriously. I am not allowed to look at other girls because I have a girlfriend and I’m sure she would not appreciate that, and I should not be assessing the attractiveness of guys because I am straight. Like I said last time, I think that my NAC team is a group of fairly attractive students, and so if nothing else they can be simply a sight for sore eyes. Just like anything else, Bible Quizzer run the gambit between attractive and, well, special.


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