Startup Your Week: College Midseason

What did you think of the WV Midseason tournament?
–Big Rosie, FL

Here at, the correspondents usually do a great job reviewing any given tournament, giving predictions and quiz results; reasons why a team succeeded and why a team failed. They give insight as to how much we can expect from a team throughout the year.

However, at the 1st annual West Virginia Midseason tournament, an entire section of the tournament was omitted from this website’s review. I am, of course, referring to the college division, of which I did currently attend. I’m not too keen on doing reviews, but now I just have no choice.


The Riveting Review:
The College division this time around had only four different teams, but because there were 15 other teams around competing in the high school division, the morning round robin quizzes had the college teams competing with all of the other teams. Here was a nice (trying not to be biased) review of the 4 teams under the college league.

Genessee Valley Middle School: I know what you’re thinking. Jesse has gone on and on about this college league, and the first team he reviews is a middle school team! Well, the deal is that this team wished to quiz with fewer chapters than the big league high school, and since the college league has been dumbed down so they don’t have to learn as much, they felt that this league would be best for them. They had a great team for a middle school team, having 4 of their 5 quizzers in the top 10. They had quizzed a strong morning, with a 5-0 record in the round robin. Certainly the pick to win after the way things went down in the morning, but things turned out a little differently…

Georgia Tech: Led by your friend and mine, Brant Callaway, Georgia were the returning champions since the last college event, but then again, they also had Breanna Richardson. A solid morning led them into second seed with 3-2. Their goal was to win the tournament and keep the title of best college team, but things turned out a little differently…

Youthquake Knights: This friendly middle school team came to the event with the same idea as Genessee, as they wished to quiz over fewer chapters. They had a rocky morning, but as a new team, they performed very well. Unfortunately, they were predicted to elimated early, but things turned out a little differently…

Seminole: My team, hailing all the way from the depths of Florida, was very determined to, to, well, um…, I really don’t know what we were determined to do, except have fun! We had a very shaky morning, with our top quizzer (that would be me) quiz out backwards three of the five quizzes. A record of 2-3 landed us third seed to win. We were pretty discouraged, and thought the 28 hour round trip was a waste, but things turned out a lot differently…

The Terrible Tournament:
With Genessee having the highest seed, they were given a bye, so it was Seminole, Georgia Tech, and Youthquake battling it out. Seminole got an early lead (thanks to some excellent quizzing), and left Georgia Tech and Youthquake vying for a middle win. Youthquake pulled the last question, giving Georgia Tech their first loss.

The next quiz was, in my whole quizzing career, the longest quiz I have ever had the misfortune to suffer through. Seminole, of course, had the bye, and unfortunately, nobody was able to get a correct answer without missing it twice. Youthquake was handed the loss then.

With Youthquake out with a bye and Seminole back in, we performed a very fast victory, and Georgia Tech was elimated with their second loss. Youthquake lost the next quiz against us and Genessee (of course we got the high win), and the finals were now between Genessee and Seminole.

The Ferocious Finals:
It was Genessee, the team that got a perfect record in the morning, but middle won throughout the tournament, and Seminole, a team that stunk in the morning, but after some Burger King achieved self-actualization in the form of high-wins all throughout the tournament, battling it out in one final glorious college moment. Two quizzes later, after some remarkable quizzing on both sides (but more on one side, specifically by Jordan Bond and Heather Rigsby), Seminole proves that only a college team can win a college tournament.

The Highest quizzers were:
(1) Jesse Startup (Well Duh)
(2) Brant Callaway
(3) Jordan Bond (he was one my team, FYI)

What, don’t believe me? Check for REAL RESULTS!

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