Startup Your Week: Small and Great

Who is George Lindsay? Do you know him personally?
The quizzer whom you stole the question from and then missed it by a mile, The hurricane state (Florida)

Before I answer this fantastic question, I must explain why lil’ miss Paige Warren is coming across as being silly. Last year at the Blue Ridge Invitational, I had the unique opportunity of traveling and quizzing with Paige, and while we did not perform as well as we would have wanted, I still had a good team. BUT… one quiz, there was a tossup question between us and another team. Paige whispers the answer in my ear, knowing that I am (of course) the fastest jumper on my team, heck, at the tournament. I jump up, and apparently I didn’t hear it right, because I missed it. The details are a blur, but I know it had something to do with Acts 26 and small greeks…

Anyway, I have never met George Lindsay, or Ron Zyhaus for that matter, or Hamar, or Townsend. So please, for my sake, if we are ever at a tournament together, won’t you pretty please introduce yourself. For my sake. You wouldn’t turn down a fellow staff member, would you?

Startup, how does your college team compare to high school teams like Old Paths and FBCCF. If you compared yourself to a high school team, which one would it be?
Startup Fan, Startupsville, USA

Wow! I have a fan! Maybe soon I’ll have a fanclub, and Startup merchandise!

Here’s the real deal with my college team. In 2003 my TMA team beat FBCCF (without Abby, mind you) at FACCS, got an undeserved 2nd place at the Blue Ridge Invitational, 4th place at SCQANIT, and 5th place at AACS. My college team is simply a shard of that TMA team. Jordan and I were the leaders of our team in 2003 over the book of John, and I persuaded Jordan to return to quizzing with us.

But the deal is this: I work three jobs and am taking 16 credit hours at school. Jordan is working the night shift and has been training relentlessly to become a firefighter. We simply don’t have enough time to study as much as we did in high school, and thus I would say that Jordan and I are unable to reflect the power we had in 2003.

It’s not all that bad though. My girlfriend Heather quizzed a fantastic year over Acts last year, especially at FACCS, leading her team to within 10 points of beating FBCCF. And my very good friend Nathan has shown great progress in his first year of quizzing.

If my team went against FBCCF, we wouldn’t win. Same with Old Paths. But in the past I have been on teams capable of beating them, and I think with enough practice and motivation, my team, like a lot of teams, will achieve great things.


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